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Ensuring Safety for Wet Processing Equipment

Ensuring Safety for Wet Processing Equipment

Safety is paramount in semiconductor manufacturing, where wet processing equipment is essential for various fabrication processes. Facility managers overseeing these operations must prioritize rigorous safety standards to mitigate the inherent risks of handling chemicals and operating specialized machinery. The hazards linked to wet bench equipment, such as chemical exposure, fire hazards, and equipment malfunctions, necessitate […]

The Role of Wet Processing Tabletop Baths in Semiconductor Prototyping

The Role of Wet Processing Tabletop Baths in Semiconductor Prototyping

Research labs, universities, and corporate product development departments often require the production of small volumes of semiconductors for prototyping. Applications for small-volume production include studying the behavior of new materials, proof-of-concept testing, optimizing product performance, and developing final product versions. Such activities are best carried out on small wet bench stations with precise manual controls. […]

10 Quick Tips on Selecting Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Making the Right Choice: Comparing Automated and Semi-Automated Wet Bench Systems

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in August 2014 and has been updated with new information and reposted in October 2023. Facility and process management in the semiconductor industry requires meticulous attention to detail. Here we offer tips that encompass decades of Modutek’s experience, catering to technology professionals, including process engineers, facility managers, and […]

How Quartz Tanks Provide High Reliability and Safety for Wafer Processing


Because quartz is an inert substance that does not take part in acid chemical reactions, quartz tanks are ideal containers for silicon wafer processing. The flame-polished quartz used in Modutek’s quartz tanks is impervious to the powerful acids used for processes such as SC1, SPM, and the Piranha process. Quartz tanks are designed to minimize […]

Easy to Install Wet Processing Equipment for R & D


When research labs need to produce semiconductor prototypes or small quantities for testing, it’s often too expensive to place an order with a wet process production line supplier or to purchase complete wet process stations. Modutek has developed innovative tabletop models that are less expensive than full-sized wet process manual stations and take up much […]

Equipment Innovations Improve Silicon Nitride Etch Processing


When silicon nitride wet etching is used to etch masks on silicon wafers, precise control of the etch rate is important. If the etch rate varies, the mask may not be correct and the microscopic structures to be created in the silicon may not have the right shape or depth. In the silicon nitride wet […]

How Quick Dump Rinsers Improve Wet Processing Results


While effective and rapid rinsing with a low particle count remains a key benefit of quick dump rinsers, reduced water usage is also becoming more important. Special design measures can lower the amount of water required to rinse the silicon wafers while retaining fast and efficient operation with a low level of particle contamination. Low […]

Innovative Table Top Units that Support Chemical Wet Processing


Research, proof of concept, or prototyping often require the production of single silicon semiconductors or a small number of functional units. Using a semiconductor manufacturing line for this purpose is expensive and lacks flexibility. Wet process manufacturing can be scaled back to reduce equipment size without losing functionality. Modutek has developed table top units that […]

Improving Silicon Wafer Processing with High Temperature Quartz Tanks

Improving Silicon Wafer Processing with High Temperature Quartz Tanks

Because silicon wafer processing uses acids and bases, the process requires tanks that are impervious to aggressive chemicals. Quartz tanks are stable and do not take part in wet process chemical reactions, even at the high temperatures reached during some of the process steps. Modutek’s quartz tanks use pure flame-polished quartz to reduce impurities that […]

How Teflon Tanks Improve the KOH Etching Process


Etching silicon wafers with potassium hydroxide (KOH) is a popular process for semiconductor manufacturing because it is relatively safe compared to other etching methods and because it features good control of the etch rate. When carried out in Teflon tanks, contamination is reduced and the etch rate can be controlled. A key factor for successful […]