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The Role of Wet Processing Tabletop Baths in Semiconductor Prototyping


The Role of Wet Processing Tabletop Baths in Semiconductor Prototyping

The Role of Wet Processing Tabletop Baths in Semiconductor PrototypingResearch labs, universities, and corporate product development departments often require the production of small volumes of semiconductors for prototyping. Applications for small-volume production include studying the behavior of new materials, proof-of-concept testing, optimizing product performance, and developing final product versions.

Such activities are best carried out on small wet bench stations with precise manual controls. The stations need to be flexible and guarantee a high degree of cleanliness. The Modutek’s wet processing tabletop bath satisfies these requirements and is much more cost-effective than a wet process station.

Understanding the Challenges in Semiconductor Prototyping

Semiconductor prototyping challenges include high costs, long processing times, limited equipment flexibility, and the threat of contamination when performing manual operations. Wet process stations designed for volume often can’t satisfy prototyping needs. Even stations used for batch processing may lack the precision manual controls and the flexibility required for process customization. To fully support semiconductor prototyping, a wet process station has to be compact and low-cost with accurate manual controls. It must carry out all common acid or solvent process steps and allow the operators to maintain low contaminating particle counts. Such equipment can produce low-cost prototypes quickly and efficiently so that process engineers can work to develop the product features they want.

Advantages of Utilizing Wet Processing Tabletop Baths

Modutek has designed the wet processing tabletop baths with easy installation and extensive customization capabilities. The two product lines feature stainless steel tanks for solvent applications and Teflon tanks for acid processes. The two lines support all common acid and solvent wet processing, and the units are available with temperature controls. Modutek can draw on in-house expertise for particular applications to implement specific customization.

High-precision controls form part of the tabletop bath package. Temperature controls are accurate within plus/minus one-degree centigrade, and the heat-up rate is two degrees centigrade per minute. Both parameters may vary depending on the controller, the process, and the size of the system. The controls deliver consistent process conditions with a high degree of reliability, allowing operators to achieve reproducible results.

The units feature special measures for operator safety and process cleanliness. The tanks have temperature and level alarms and a drain interlock. Modutek builds the units using materials and design features to minimize particle contamination. The Teflon tanks, all-Teflon fluid paths, and the electro-polished stainless-steel tanks are all designed to reduce contamination.

Tabletop baths are compact and much less expensive to buy and operate than manual wet bench stations. While providing a cost-effective solution to prototyping, they deliver the same functionality and quality as the larger wet process stations. When costs are reduced, and results are available quickly, prototyping can be more extensive and deliver better results.

Key Features of Modutek’s Wet Processing Tabletop Baths

The Modutek wet processing tabletop baths address the prototyping needs of semiconductor professionals. They include the following features:

  • Temperature remote control box
  • Teflon or stainless-steel tanks
  • Ambient or temperature-controlled models
  • Static or recirculating baths
  • Support for KOH, BOE, resist strip, and other wet processes
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance and safe operation
  • Fully customizable with Modutek support

Customization is especially important when research and development activities require specific control, measurement, and data-tracking functions. Modutek can deliver customized units for special applications and ensure the necessary functions are implemented to satisfy its customers.

Evaluating the Right Equipment for Your Lab

Finding the right wet processing equipment components from a reputable supplier can be challenging. While process engineers and research professionals usually know what they need, evaluating a given equipment configuration is more complicated. Typical criteria that help to evaluate a supplier are credibility, demonstrated experience, in-house design and manufacturing capability, and innovative solutions.

Modutek has over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor wet process field and has the in-house expertise to ensure equipment meets customer requirements. The company offers innovative solutions like tabletop wet processing baths and advanced wet process stations. An excellent way to evaluate equipment is to take advantage of Modutek’s free consultation offer. This helps ensure that planned purchases meet application requirements and are built to industry standards.

Successful semiconductor prototyping depends on the use of suitable wet processing equipment. The best way to ensure that the purchased equipment meets specific prototyping needs is to consult reputable suppliers and get help making the right selection. Flexible systems that can be customized in terms of the chemicals used, process variables, and data recording can help make prototyping easier. Systems that support inexpensive prototype creation will give the best overall results.

Modutek’s Commitment to Provide Solutions for Customers

Modutek is committed to partnering with customers in the technology industry to develop innovative, reliable, and efficient solutions that address real needs. With a full line of wet process semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the ability to implement extensive customization as needed, Modutek can meet prototyping equipment needs. The company prioritizes the manufacturing of high-quality equipment and exceptional customer support. Using Modutek’s in-house expertise and tailoring wet processing tabletop baths to support specific process requirements can lead to highly successful prototyping. Contact Modutek for a free consultation to discuss which equipment and systems to use for your wet processing application.

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