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How Quartz Tanks Provide High Reliability and Safety for Wafer Processing



How Quartz Tanks Provide High Reliability and Safety for Wafer ProcessingBecause quartz is an inert substance that does not take part in acid chemical reactions, quartz tanks are ideal containers for silicon wafer processing. The flame-polished quartz used in Modutek’s quartz tanks is impervious to the powerful acids used for processes such as SC1, SPM, and the Piranha process. Quartz tanks are designed to minimize particle contamination and to accurately control the temperature when required. As a result, quartz tanks deliver superior results for wet bench semiconductor fabrication.

Quartz Tanks Reliably Reduce Particle Counts

As semiconductor products require tighter packing of components, a reduced particle count becomes more important. The size of the microscopic structures etched into silicon wafers is reduced to such an extent that a single particle can distort the required shape. The resulting semiconductor chips can be defective or have reduced quality. Sometimes the performance could be better, or the lifespan is reduced. A low particle count is critical for achieving excellent quality output and a high yield from the semiconductor fabrication line.

Modutek’s quartz tanks reduce particle contamination to improve process results. The high-purity flame-polished quartz used in Modutek’s quartz tanks makes it chemically inert to most chemical compounds, including acids, water, and salt. Since the quartz crystal does not react with the chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication, contamination from the quartz tanks is eliminated.

The quartz tank design reduces particle contamination as well. Modutek’s quartz tanks are based on over 30 years of tank design experience to minimize particle contamination. The seamless design and sloped housing construction eliminate places where particles could become lodged. Actual results from real-world fabrication confirm that Modutek’s quartz tanks deliver low particle counts.

Accurate Quartz Tank Temperature Controls Produce Precise Results

For many wet bench processes, the etch rate depends on how the process is set up. The temperature, concentration, silicon wafer crystal lattice orientation, and possible doping of the silicon wafers all influence the etch rate. Except for the process temperature, they are all determined at the start of the process. The temperature, on the other hand, varies. It rises quickly at the beginning and can change as the etching progresses. Precise temperature control is required for reliable etching results.

The etch rate is critical for determining the shapes and details of the microscopic structures etched into the silicon wafer. If etching does not proceed at the right speed, the etched shapes may be too large or too small. The resulting semiconductor products won’t have the expected characteristics and may have to be discarded.

Modutek’s quartz tanks feature a rapid temperature rise to the temperature set point and precise control. The temperature can be set at up to 180 degrees Centigrade. The temperature rises at up to 2 degrees C per minute and is controlled with a precision of plus/minus 1 degree C. The rapid temperature rise helps achieve high throughput, and the tight temperature control provides excellent repeatability.

Quartz Tank Design Influences Output Quality

The quality of silicon wet etching results depends on low particle counts and accurate control of the process temperature. Modutek’s quartz tanks are designed with these two factors in mind. The tanks support wet bench processes such as SC1 and SPM and deliver consistent etching results. Reduced particle counts and excellent etch rate control are consistent during continuous manufacturing and across different batches.

Modutek Provides Safe and Reliable Equipment

Modutek works closely with customers to improve their wet processing manufacturing results, resolve problems and find solutions. Quartz tanks and other equipment that Modutek provides deliver high reliability and safe operation to support various wet processes. Contact us for a free quote and consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

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