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Why Acid Fume Scrubbers are Required for a Safe Work Environment



Why Acid Fume Scrubbers are Required for a Safe Work Environment When wet bench processes use acids to clean, strip, and etch silicon wafers, their exhaust air contains acid mist. This air can’t be released into the workspace because it can harm employees and corrode equipment. Acid fume scrubbers remove acid mist from the exhaust air. They neutralize the acid exhaust and deliver clean air that is safe to release into the outside environment. Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers can remove up to 99 percent of acid mist and are easy to operate. They are available in a wide range of capacities and can be integrated into the wet bench processing line.

Acid Fume Scrubbers Work by Neutralizing Acid Exhaust

Acid fume scrubbers pass the acid mist over a bed containing neutralizing chemicals. The chemicals absorb the acids in the exhaust, and the resulting chemical reaction changes the acid into a harmless solution. The air from the acid fume scrubber is clean, and the neutralized discharge liquid can be recycled. The operation of the acid fume scrubbers is reliable and safe.

To maximize the absorption of acid mist by the neutralizing chemicals, Modutek uses a high-surface packing material. Supplied by industry leader Lantec, the packing material is kept wet with a neutralizing solution. Because of the many protuberances and crevices in the packing material, more acid mist can be absorbed as they pass over the packed scrubber bed.

The high efficiency of Modutek’s scrubbers has to be matched with the proper flow of exhaust air. Modutek offers scrubbers with flow capacities from 500 to 25,000 CFM. This wide range of capacities is suitable for fabrication lines from the smallest research lab facility to large manufacturing plants. In addition to cleaning acids from the exhaust air of wet process stations, Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers can be used with other chemical handling equipment. Any process that produces an acid exhaust can benefit from using Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers.

Almost all acids are removed when the exhaust from the wet process station matches the scrubber’s flow capacity. Modutek can incorporate acid fume scrubbers within their wet bench stations to provide an integrated solution. Acid fume scrubbers provide a simple, low-cost way to neutralize acid exhausts from chemical processes.

Advantages and Benefits of Modutek’s Acid Fume Scrubbers

Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers are designed to provide customers with ease of use and low operating costs. The operator interface is intuitive and gives operators all the information they need with regard to pressures, flow, liquid levels, and discharge. Water use is low, and maintenance is designed to be easy and quick. There is a bottom drain, and the scrubbers have a double containment system to avoid leaks and reduce spills. Custom-built acid fume scrubbers are available to meet most acid exhaust neutralization requirements.

Design and construction deliver the following benefits:

  • Operators can quickly learn to use the simple interface and meet clean air targets
  • High air cleaning efficiency improves workplace safety
  • The wide range of capacities means almost any facility with acid mist exhausts can find a suitable scrubber model
  • Low operating costs and low total cost of ownership make Modutek’s acid fume scrubber an attractive choice

Modutek Provides Reliable Wet Bench and Chemical Handling Equipment

As a leader in wet bench technology and chemical handling equipment, Modutek helps support customers with their semiconductor manufacturing needs. In addition to acid fume scrubbers, Modutek offers a complete line of wet bench stations and equipment and can advise on new additions and upgrades to existing systems. Whether it’s a stand-alone acid fume scrubber, an integrated wet process station, or a complete production line, Modutek can provide reliable equipment to meet your requirements. Contact us for a free quote or consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

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