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Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations: What They Do and the Benefits They Provide

Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations: What They Do and the Benefits They Provide

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2016 and has been updated with new information and re-posted in February 2024. Quartz tubes are critical in semiconductor manufacturing, where purity is paramount. These tubes provide a controlled atmosphere and precise temperature conditions necessary for various semiconductor manufacturing processes, including diffusion, oxidation, and chemical vapor […]

Why Megasonic Cleaning is Essential for Silicon Wafer Processing


Adding Megasonic cleaning to standard wafer cleaning methods can reduce costs and improve overall semiconductor fabrication performance. Megasonic cleaning is especially useful for manufacturing silicon wafers with the smallest geometries, where almost complete particle removal is necessary for successful manufacturing. The process uses high-frequency sound waves to clean wafer surfaces and can be integrated into […]

How Automated Controls Improve Silicon Wafer Manufacturing


Precise automated controls that are incorporated into wafer manufacturing equipment help manufacturers meet the challenges of higher component densities and compliance with environmental regulations. They provide excellent repeatability and accurate chemical dosages that precisely control the etch rate and the cleaning and stripping processes. Chemical neutralization and disposal are handled automatically with document generation to […]

How Optimum Particle Reduction is Achieved in a Wet Bench Process


When microscopic particles remain on the surface of silicon wafers during a wet bench process, the resulting semiconductor products may be of reduced quality or even defective. As semiconductor geometries and microscopic structures become smaller and are packed more densely on a silicon wafer, the presence of particles can influence the etch rate around the […]

How Software Controls Achieve Best Results in Silicon Wafer Processing


Depending on the degree of automation, software controls can enhance wafer manufacturing facility performance and achieve improved results. Full automation lets operators take advantage of different operational modes to test new process steps and optimize process variables. The controls can then run the process with precise repeatability and often without operator intervention. The reduction in […]

Free Standing IPA Vapor Dryer Improves Wafer Processing


When a series of semiconductor manufacturing steps are complete, the silicon wafers have to be rinsed and dried. At this stage in the fabrication process, the surface of the silicon wafer has to be as free as possible from particle contamination wafer and free from water marks caused by the water evaporating on the wafer. […]

How the IPA Vapor Dryer Further Improves Wafer Processing


When silicon wafers are dried after rinsing, the wafer surface has to be free of water marks and contaminating particles. This is especially true after hydrofluoric acid removes the silicon oxide layer during the last etching before further processing. The wafers are subsequently exposed to diffusion or vapor deposition and surface contamination will result in […]

The Advantages of Using Modutek’s Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations


After a quartz tube is used in a high-temperature semiconductor manufacturing process, it has to be cleaned thoroughly to remove contamination. Process steps such as diffusion leave traces of diffused material on the tube and the high-temperature furnace leaves contaminants. A Quartz tube cleaning station removes the surface contaminants and leaves the quartz tube clean and free […]

Achieving Optimum Particle Removal in a Wet Bench Process


As component packing is tighter and circuit geometries trend towards smaller structures, the reduction of submicron particle contamination during the wet bench process steps becomes more important for output quality. When circuit paths are reduced in size, a single submicron particle can block the path and render the final semiconductor component defective. Even when the […]

How Customized Equipment Improves Silicon Wafer Processing


Because semiconductor manufacturing is made up of a large number of steps, silicon wafer processing often includes unique requirements. Standard equipment may be suitable to some extent, but using custom equipment adapted to the particular process can improve production line performance. Customization of the physical characteristics of the system, the software, the degree of automation […]