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5 Things About Wet Benches You Should Know



Making the Right Choice Comparing Automated and Semi-Automated Wet Bench Systems Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2015 and has been updated with new information and reposted in October 2023.

When you choose a reputable supplier of wet benches, your process can be efficient, flexible, and safe. Ideally, the supplier will be a manufacturer of wet bench equipment, performing most of the design, production, and testing in-house. They have the expertise to evaluate your process requirements and propose corresponding wet bench solutions. At the same time, you should keep in mind the following five key aspects of wet bench technology to guide you during the selection process:

1.Choosing the Right Type of Wet Bench is Important for Efficient Processing

If the capabilities of the wet bench don’t match the requirements of the process, efficiency will suffer. For example, wet bench process controls can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. You need the right type of wet bench to gain the most benefits.

Essential factors influencing wet bench operation include the following:

  • Chemical Compatibility: Make sure the wet bench equipment you are considering supports the chemical process you are using.
  • Cleanliness: The wet bench process has to meet low particle counts if required by your operations.
  • Safety: Examine the available safety features for the wet bench equipment to ensure that it satisfies your requirements.
  • Data Tracking: Look for consistent data tracking across wet bench, chemical delivery, and chemical treatment systems.


When you choose the right type of wet bench, you can get easy-to-use equipment at a reasonable price with systems that deliver excellent repeatability and consistent, reliable operation.

2.The Right Wet Bench Supplier Delivers Customized Equipment for Flexible Operations

Wet bench operations often have special requirements that standard equipment can’t easily meet. A supplier with in-house manufacturing can customize wet benches to exactly suit your applications. Key features that increase flexibility include:

  • Interchangeable modules or components
  • Options for different configurations and features


While you need precise control of process variables, the systems can be flexible with regard to the variables themselves as well as the chemicals, materials, and substrates used. For R&D applications, such flexibility satisfies evolving experimental needs. For industrial applications, flexible systems can meet changing operational conditions and can facilitate integration with existing equipment if required.

3.The Wet Bench Equipment Must Comply with Safety and Environmental Regulations

Depending on the type of wet bench equipment and the chemicals used, the wet benches may have to satisfy electrical standards and comply with safety rules. Environmental regulations apply to chemical handling and waste discharge. Important compliance requirements include:

  • Proper documentation and operator training
  • Measures specific to plumbing and electrical
  • General safety and environmental requirements


When the installation meets safety regulations and complies with applicable codes, the key remaining regulations are environmental standards applied to accidents and waste discharge. Regular maintenance can help ensure continuing compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

4.Customer Service and Support Help Keep Your Wet Bench Running Efficiently

A competent supplier with in-house manufacturing can support customers through the entire selection, installation, and commissioning process. Based on their in-house expertise, subsequent service requirements for maintenance can also be carried out without involving third parties. Key customer service and support functions include:

  • Providing training, manuals, and documentation for customer personnel
  • Minimizing downtime through targeted service and support capabilities


A supplier who continues to offer competent service and support after delivery can help keep your wet bench equipment running at peak efficiency.

5.Choosing the Right Supplier Helps Ensure You Get the Results You Need

Choosing a competent and credible supplier is easier if you clearly identify your needs and the supplier characteristics that are required to satisfy them. Factors to be considered when making a well-informed decision include:

  • Track Record. Ask for reference installations and check their performance.
  • Reputation. Talk to suppliers and customers to find out whether a supplier is well-regarded.
  • Innovation. Look for new and proprietary features in the supplier product line.
  • Customization. Can the supplier meet specific technical and budgetary requirements?


When you start evaluating suppliers with these factors in mind, you can often narrow the field to one or two and concentrate on getting proposals that best match what you need.

Modutek designs and builds their wet benches in-house, offering comprehensive after-sales service and support. Free consultation allows customers to explore their options in a risk-free way. Contact Modutek to learn what solutions can be provided to meet your wet bench system requirements.

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