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Modutek Continues to Supply and Support Customers during Challenging Times



modutek continues to supply and support customers during challenging times Businesses wishing to continue operations during a crisis need reliable suppliers to support them. The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging companies as never before and Modutek Corporation is playing its part. The company is staying open to support customers and is prioritizing critical components for essential businesses. Modutek has been in business for over 40 years and has weathered many challenges during that time. As a top supplier in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the company emphasizes the business practices that help its customers.

Production of High Quality Equipment Characterizes a Top Supplier

A key component of customer satisfaction is product quality. Modutek uses top quality materials for its wet process equipment and manufactures most of its equipment in house, giving it excellent control of product quality. For semiconductor manufacturing, this means that Modutek wet benches deliver consistent performance over an extended period. Modutek ensures that materials withstand corrosive operating conditions, dosages are accurate and timing is precise while operation is safe and reliable.

Knowledge of Customer Priorities Allows a Top Supplier to Deliver Improved Performance

With its lengthy experience in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry and its record of working closely with its customers, Modutek can deliver innovative products that help customers improve manufacturing facility performance. Modutek is focused on wet process equipment with low particle counts, increased throughput, reduced defective output and lower use of chemicals. Its customers benefit from Modutek’s focus on equipment performance with lower costs, higher quality output and increased satisfaction from their own customers.

Innovation Drives Improved Performance

Modutek’s product development is driven by innovation. New ways of handling wafers, controlling processes and improving cleanliness produce better results. Modutek analyzes how its equipment operates for the various cleaning and etching processes. The company then identifies safety, control and output issues, trying out changes and different ways of improving the operation. Its product line includes new ways of controlling etching and innovative ways of carrying out cleaning, etching and drying. The company has pioneered a reduction in the number of process steps to improve throughput and reduce handling. Modutek’s innovative approach provides customers with equipment that operates reliably while reducing costs and improving output quality.

Top Suppliers Deliver Excellent Customer-Focused Support

In addition to supplying quality products that meet excellent performance goals and are characterized by innovative approaches, a top supplier can be judged by the level of support and service it provides to customers. To deliver excellent customer support, a supplier has to put in place customer-focused policies and have the appropriate support and service capabilities.

Modutek works closely with customers and has the required expertise because the company designs and builds its own equipment. Its engineers know exactly how each component works and how the parts combine to deliver the desired performance. Modutek can supply a full range of wet process equipment, ranging from manual stations to fully automated processes. For the automation, Modutek writes its own software, avoiding the need to call in third parties for service. As a result, Modutek can implement customer-focused support policies using its own personnel and can supply effective service with its own engineers and technicians.

Modutek Will Continue to Fulfill Its Top Supplier Role in the Current Crisis

As it has during past downturns and difficult times, Modutek will continue to act as a top supplier to its customers. Components and support for semiconductor manufacturing are critical for many industries and Modutek will provide both so its customers can operate as they see fit. At the same time, Modutek has been designated a supplier for essential businesses and will prioritize critical parts for these industries. All of Modutek’s customers can continue to depend on the company for the supply of equipment, parts, support and service.

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