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How to Develop a Requirements List When Buying Wet Bench Equipment



How to Safely Handle and Dispose of Chemicals Using Chemical Carts Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2015 and has been updated with new information and reposted in August 2023.

Wet bench equipment is an integral component that semiconductor manufacturing and research industries need. From cleaning, etching, stripping, developing, and testing new processes, it plays a vital role in these fields. The range of wet bench systems and equipment include manual, semi-automated, and fully automated, offering various operator control levels and process automation. The versatility provided by these systems ensures they can handle many manufacturing processes to meet the demands of both Process Engineers and R&D professionals.

Before investing in wet bench equipment, creating a comprehensive requirements list is essential. Outlining your exact process requirements is an important strategic step that will guide you in selecting an optimal, efficient, cost-effective system that meets them perfectly. This article provides insights into understanding wet bench equipment requirements to facilitate an easier selection process tailored to the specific needs of Process Engineers and R&D professionals.

Understanding Wet Bench Requirements

Selecting Wet Bench Equipment for Specific Processes

Semiconductor manufacturing entails many steps, each requiring specialized equipment. The processes can range from acid-based to solvent-based, each with distinct challenges and requirements. For instance, while acid-based processes may require corrosion-resistant equipment, solvent-based processes require stainless-steel equipment with specialized venting or safety systems.

The Importance of Affordable and Dependable Equipment with an Extended Service Plan

Investment in wet bench equipment should be seen as a long-term commitment, not a one-time purchase transaction. Therefore, its long-term reliability should be given equal weight to its initial price tag. Equipment with consistent performance over time offers better returns by lowering the total cost of ownership. Investing in comprehensive service plans such as those provided by Modutek can also significantly decrease maintenance-related concerns. These plans ensure your equipment receives regular maintenance and support, enhancing its operational lifespan and reducing potential downtime.

The Need for Consistent and Repeatable Processes

Efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing relies heavily on consistent, repeatable processes. Therefore, wet bench systems must be user-friendly and designed to deliver repeatable processes, ensuring consistent output. Equipment that allows for easy process adjustments that provide consistent results can significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing operations.

Precise Process Control and Safety Measures

In semiconductor manufacturing, precision and safety are of utmost importance. Wet bench equipment should incorporate precise process controls that ensure accurate and reliable results. In addition, stringent safety measures such as exhaust/chemical fume hood filtration or CO2 fire suppression systems are critical. These features protect operators and provide safeguards against potential hazards, making working conditions safer to promote greater productivity.

Cleanliness and Chemical Compatibility in Wet Bench Stations

Semiconductor manufacturing requires stringent cleanliness standards and specific chemical compatibilities.  Wet bench systems must maintain a contaminant-free environment, ensuring the quality and reliability of the semiconductor products.  In addition, the equipment should be compatible with the range of chemicals used in your specific manufacturing process. This contributes towards better operational efficiency as well as longevity of equipment used.

Consistent and Trackable Data from Wet Bench, Chemical Delivery, and Chemical Treatment Systems

Data-driven decision-making is critical in semiconductor manufacturing. Therefore, your wet bench, chemical delivery, and chemical treatment systems must provide consistent, trackable data. This data allows for efficient process control and quality assurance, which can provide valuable insights for process improvement. This real-time monitoring and data-tracking capability can significantly enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Wafer and Substrate Size Requirements

Whether your operations involve processing small batches of wafers or engaging in large-scale manufacturing, it’s crucial to have equipment capable of handling your specific wafer and substrate sizes. Modutek’s wet bench stations can handle all manufacturing processes and wafer sizes up to 12 inches. Whether you choose a manual, automated, or semi-automated system, this flexibility ensures that your manufacturing operations are not limited by the size of your substrates or wafers.

Wafer Volume Requirements Per Day/Week

Your production scale and wafer volume requirements play a crucial role in selecting the appropriate equipment. Automated wet bench systems offer maximum throughput, while semi-automated systems offer lower throughput with some manual operator interaction. A manual wet processing bench provides the most cost-effective solution for small-scale, low-volume operations.

Cassettes per Bath and Wafer Transfer Requirements

Different wet bench systems feature varying capacities for accommodating cassettes per bath. Your specific requirements and desired automation level when transferring wafers between baths should determine your equipment selection. Manual or automated transfer can have significant ramifications on process efficiency as well as the risk of contamination.

Compliance With Recognized Standards

Compliance with industry standards such as FM Global Standards is paramount when purchasing manufacturing equipment. If this approval assessment process is required in your operations, you should ensure that your selected wet bench system meets these standards for a compliance-centric and confident approach to purchasing.

Third-Party Electrical Inspection

The consistency and efficiency of the system can be evaluated with tests like SEMI S2, CE, or third-party inspections.  Modutek adheres to guidelines such as SEMI S2, NFPA, and NEC for manufacturing wet process equipment.  They also provide quotes for inspection reports as requested, ensuring the system meets the necessary standards and performs optimally.

Maintenance, Service, and Delivery Requirements

Establishing precise requirements regarding maintenance, service, and delivery is vital.  Factors to consider include equipment delivery times, installation support, operator training sessions, regular maintenance schedules, and service response times in case of equipment failure. A comprehensive understanding of these aspects ensures smooth operations while swiftly resolving potential issues, minimizing downtime, and maintaining productivity.

Selecting Wet Bench Equipment that Best Suits Your Processing Needs

Key Considerations in Selecting Manual, Semi-Automated, or Fully Automated Wet Bench Systems

Selecting the appropriate wet bench system depends heavily upon your specific chemical processing and throughput needs. Manual wet processing stations are more suitable for new complex processes requiring close operator control, such as R&D operations or prototype development.  On the other hand,  automated and semi-automated systems are ideal for operations requiring higher throughput with minimal operator involvement. These aspects will help you select a system matching your requirements to maximize productivity and efficiency.

The Importance of Precise Control Over Temperature, Agitation, and Chemical Delivery

Temperature, agitation, and chemical delivery all play an essential part in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Therefore, your wet bench equipment must provide precise control over these factors to guarantee accurate, consistent results that improve both product quality and operational efficiency. Systems offering this level of control will deliver accurate and repeatable results to improve both your products and operational efficiencies overall.

The Need for Flexible, Customizable, and Reliable Systems and Equipment Compatibility

As semiconductor manufacturing continues to advance rapidly, its ever-evolving processes necessitate flexible and adaptable systems. Your wet bench equipment should adapt easily to changes in your processes, ensuring long-term applicability and return on investment. Furthermore, the equipment should be compatible with other lab or manufacturing equipment, allowing seamless integration into your current setup. This helps prevent operational issues and streamlines maintenance and repair processes.

The Importance of Supplier Credibility and Expertise

Selecting an equipment supplier is a critical aspect of purchasing wet bench equipment. Reputable suppliers with extensive expertise can deliver reliable systems that meet your exact specifications while providing valuable advice and assistance so you can make informed decisions. Conducting thorough research and engaging with companies like Modutek will ensure you find a reliable partner for your equipment needs.

The Importance of Experience and Guarantees

Experience and longevity is a strong indicator of a supplier’s ability to provide high-quality equipment and services. Suppliers with experience typically have a proven track record of meeting customer requirements and overcoming complex operational challenges. Furthermore, supplier guarantees can provide added assurance regarding system reliability and performance. Look for suppliers offering warranties on their products, ensuring they stand by their equipment.

The Value of Proven Track Records and Innovative Solutions

A proven track record can be a reliable indicator of a supplier’s ability to meet your requirements consistently. Suppliers with a history of delivering high-quality, reliable equipment along with innovative solutions are likely to continue doing so in the future. Innovative solutions also demonstrate their dedication to staying abreast of industry changes while meeting changing customer demands.

The Necessity for Flexible, Customizable, and Reliable Systems

As previously discussed, flexible, customizable, and reliable systems are crucial in semiconductor manufacturing’s ever-evolving environment. Your wet bench equipment should adapt easily to process changes while remaining applicable and useful over time. Customizable solutions also offer additional benefits by being explicitly tailored to your process requirements – potentially improving operational efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously.

The Importance of Cost Considerations in a Budget

While investing in high-quality equipment cannot be understated, evaluating costs within your budget constraints is also critical. Assess all aspects of ownership costs–purchase cost, maintenance expenses, and potential savings from increased efficiency or productivity gains. This holistic cost evaluation approach will help you make an informed decision that fits your budget while offering value.

Utilizing Professional Networks and Online Research for Decision-Making

Leveraging professional networks and conducting extensive online research can provide invaluable insight into your decision-making process. Professional networks can give firsthand accounts of experiences with specific equipment or suppliers, while online research can offer broader information about industry trends, product reviews, and supplier reputations. Together these methods of investigation offer a complete picture aiding in selecting the most suitable wet bench equipment.


Creating a comprehensive requirements list before purchasing a wet bench system is crucial in selecting the most suitable system to meet your requirements. This list guides you through the selection process, helping you focus on equipment that fulfills your specific operational requirements and will deliver high-quality performance. Your list should cover every critical element – technical specs, supplier credentials, and cost implications.

Contact Modutek if you need assistance developing a wet bench equipment requirements list for your manufacturing process.  Modutek is dedicated to providing equipment tailored precisely to meet the demands of customers to ensure they purchase equipment that meets their process requirements and optimizes performance and efficiency.

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