What to Look For In a Semiconductor Equipment Supplier

What to Look For In a Semiconductor Equipment SupplierWhen purchasing semiconductor manufacturing equipment, it is critical to identify what is important for the application. Establishing objective criteria can help select a supplier that is able to meet the needs of a particular project. Whether the purchaser is an engineer working on a manufacturing process, a facilities manager responsible for a semiconductor fab line, or a researcher looking for lab equipment, identifying the required supplier characteristics can help to ensure that the equipment will perform adequately and deliver the projected results. While the detailed requirements may be different for particular purchases, there are several overall qualities to look for before making the purchase.

  1. The supplier must be an established company with a good track record. It must be able to provide proof that it has the expertise necessary for satisfying the requirements of the project. Reference installations of similar equipment and the names of satisfied customers can establish that a supplier is competent and reputable.
  2. Before considering a company as a supplier, look for the capability to provide a range of equipment for a broad set of applications. A particular project may have special requirements and need some customization. Selecting companies that can meet special needs due to their extensive experience with customized products can help with the purchase of equipment that exactly meets the requirements of the application.
  3. An application will have specific requirements expressed in the technical specifications for the equipment to be purchased. The supplier must understand the requirements and propose equipment that meets all the specifications and is suitable for the intended use. A guarantee before purchase that specific benchmarks will be met confirms that the supplier understands your needs.
  4. It is important to purchase up-to-date technology to avoid having to operate obsolete equipment resulting in inferior performance. The supplier must offer state-of-the-art equipment and be able to demonstrate a continuous development and improvement of existing products.
  5. Maintenance and downtime can significantly increase the cost of equipment beyond the purchase price. Suppliers need to show that the equipment they propose is high quality and they must detail their expectations for maintenance costs and projected downtime based on experience from similar installations.
  6. When equipment breaks down or performance is not as expected, the supplier must have customer support and service capabilities that quickly address any problems on site. Look for details of supplier support and service personnel and evidence that a supplier has the capabilities to provide onsite service and repair.

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